Athini and Wisteria’s Afternoon Tea Mystery Adventure

Athini and Wisteria’s Afternoon Tea Mystery Adventure is the debut book in the Athini and Wisteria Cats Adventure Series.

Athini and Wisteria are two young, beautiful, and glamorous “‘Sloane” EuroCat Fashionistas, living in prestigious Chelsea and a country “pile.” They travel abroad to the “in” places and parties — living the high life, enjoying the social scene, and social calendar. Their owners are rich and privileged nobility and adore them; indulging them with the best of everything.

They are very smart, playful and adventurous. They combine their love of fashion — high end of course; with their love of going to all the posh events and dos, wherever they may be. At these events, they very often end up involved in escapades.

Enjoy meeting the Kittys on the first of their many adventures; at the Tissori London Hotel — frequented by the rich and famous, where they have gone for the quintessential afternoon tea. Here, they find themselves embroiled in a mystery, and use a little help from their friends to sniff out what’s happening.

Available now, the debut book,

Athini and Wisteria’s Cat Aventure short story series #1

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The opinions expressed are not the author’s but that of the characters and pets, and intended for entertainment purposes only. We assume no responsibility or liability for any information contained in this book.

No cats or other animals were harmed in the writing of this book. All food and drinks consumed by them are entirely fictional, and you should please consult your vet regarding wearing of clothes, and foods and drink that are safe for your pets to consume.